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Hell is not marketing material for heaven

Jesus never used hell as “marketing material” for heaven. He never scared people with it so that they would choose heaven out of fear for the eternal fire. Jesus actually only talked about the eternal judgement when callous religion was within His aim. When He was with His favourite people, namely sinners and those who were lost, His language was inviting. It was brimming with forgiveness and mercy. With Jesus they could hear that He was the Bread of life and the Light for the world. They also heard that He was the Way, the Truth and the Life. Broken people seldom had to pray a “sinner’s prayer” in Jesus’ presence. Their broken hearts about their sins and mistakes were more than enough for Him. Take the sinful woman who drenched Jesus’ feet in tears without saying a word in Juke 7. Right there Jesus told her that her sins are forgiven and that she may live in peace before God. God’s love is the magnet. Jesus who came to give peace and abundance is the reason why we believe, not the fear of hell.

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