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Abundant language from an abundant Lord

Jesus never needs a long CV to introduce Himself. Take the seven famous “I am” statements about Him in the Gospel of John. Jesus lifts the veil on His true identity every time He says: “I am the Light to the world (8:12); I am the Door (10:9); I am the Good Shephard (10:11); I am the Resurrection and the Life (11:25); I am the Way, the Truth and the Life (14:6); I am the true Vine (15:1). Here Jesus tells us in new ways who He is and what His work on earth is about. These short, powerful statements make it clear that Jesus came to pour heavenly abundance into our lives. Even better – He is this abundance – He is living Bread for the hungry; Light for those in the dark; Resurrection and Life for the dead; the Path for those who are lost ... Jesus’ “I am” is the language of life. But it requires faith. It requires courage to discover Jesus’ identity and to follow Him. Jesus’ “I am” is the language of abundance. It tells us that the gates of heaven are now wide open for us.

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