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Urgency gives deadlines to faith

Urgency is an important characteristic in the life of every person who moves the world in God’s direction. Talent and faith are also needed for this task. But it is urgency that puts deadlines on people’s dreams and faith. Faith is the fuel, but urgency is about how much something matters at this particular moment. Urgency is the deep-seated knowledge that you are called to make the world turn the other way. There really isn’t any time to waste. Tomorrow isn’t just another day. Today is the day to implement God’s will. Today is God’s day filled to the brim with new opportunities. Urgency means being overwhelmed by God’s presence today. It means experiencing His mercy for a world that is broken and for people who left his heavenly home. Urgency doesn’t allow you to postpone something until tomorrow if it is within your power to do good today.

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