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Return the Bible to your lips and life

A teacher told me that she asked a Grade 8 class who Pontius Pilate was. Not one child in the class could give her the right answer. Something is seriously wrong here! Sermons are preached Sunday after Sunday in churches right across the country. Children go to youth services or Sunday school. But at the same time Bible knowledge is at an all-time low. For many people the Bible is only a book filled with isolated texts. No, it is actually a closed Book. They only need scripture when they are in the midst of some or other crisis. Then they need a quick fix in the form of a verse or two. But they don’t reflect on the Word day after day, as Psalm 1 teaches us. Therefore, it is necessary that we hear God’s voice in Deuteronomy 6 again. There He commands us to write His Commandments on our hands and doors. We should talk to our children about this when we go out and when we go to bed. In short, Bible knowledge and knowledge of God should once again become part of our daily lives. Then parents and children will want the Bible on their lips and in their lives again.

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