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God’s love has a Name and a body.

Jesus turned the world upside-down forever – a Man who never wrote a book, never governed a country, never gathered an earthly army around Himself, and who never claimed political or economical power. Jesus’ disciples were simple people, and His followers came from the ranks of sinners. His enemies described Him as the devil in a human body, but His followed knew and proclaimed that He is the Messiah, the Son of God. With his words, Jesus forced evil spirits to flee and illnesses to be healed. Even the wind and sea listened to His voice. But His biggest deed was when He sacrificed Himself on our behalf on a cross outside Jerusalem. Whilst the religious loudly rejoiced at His death, Jesus changed the scoreboard of the universe forever. At Golgotha He showed God’s heart to us in strange but decisive way. On the cross we see God’s love in action. At the cross we see what it cost God everything. Therefore, we can live close to Him in humble gratitude every day.

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