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“Whip them into shape”

“Whip the congregation into shape.” That was the church council’s instruction to the new minister. Six months later he was called in. His ministry failed in their eyes. A previous minister, personally known by everyone in the congregation, was still their role model. The minister asked the council how many people had been saved during that “golden era”. And how many people in the congregation had been practically involved with the needy, the poor and non-believers? There was a long pause. No one could think of any names. “So, you are actually looking for a spiritual contact person to keep pampered church clients happy,” he said. That finally opened the council’s eyes. From that day on, the congregation started carrying each other’s burdens and caring for each other in God’s Name. There were new conversions in Christ’s Name. Well, perhaps this is only a story, because in many areas of the church it is still “business as usual” to “keep the customers satisfied”. Some spiritual leaders are so busy fixing fishing nets that they never become fishers of people or carriers of burdens. Perhaps this is also true for you and me.

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