• by Stephan Joubert

Do you know the forgotten story of God behind the well-known novel?

The story of Josef in Genesis 37-50 is one of the most famous in the Bible. It grabbed the world’s attention, from Hollywood to Andrew Lloyd-Webber. But why did God decide to place this epic story in the Bible? What does the story of Josef tell us about God? There are too many things to name them all, but one is that God raised a young man in a strange land to be a blessing for a strange nation, as well as being a saviour for his own family. Genesis 39 tells how the Lord was always with Josef. He changed every place where Josef was into a blessing for everyone. Potiphar’s house experienced this, and even when Josef was thrown into jail unfairly, it was changed into a place of blessing. The lesson to be learnt from this epic story is that God wants to and does use his people as blessings everywhere they go, and that His people are indeed everywhere, whether in a palace or a jail... or in South Africa.

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