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Jesus isn’t just another good teacher

Following Jesus isn’t the same as following a philosopher. Nor is it following a few religious teachings left to us in the Gospel. Jesus never commanded us to simply follow his teachings; His instruction was to follow Him. His call was, and still is: “Follow me.” We have a living relationship with Him. Jesus firstly binds us to Himself, not to a number of teachings. He is the Word that became flesh on earth, as John 1 teaches us. Of course we need to read and study His Word. But first of all we should follow Jesus. He really isn’t simply a good rabbi or special prophet who came to explain God’s commands better than all those before Him. No, He is the One who came to fulfil God’s law. He is the Son of God and the living Word that became human. In Jesus, God’s mercy and truth became flesh. In and through Him we get a new view of God. We live in and through Him. We follow Him.

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