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Take better care of the world for God

A 2015 overseas study found that 16% of all deaths on earth are caused by the pollution of natural resources. Air pollution and water pollution place enormous pressure on Creation. Food production suffers because of it. Natural resources are dwindling. Respiratory infections, cholera and many other diseases flourish as a result of pollution. Why should we, as believers, take note of this?

Well, because God lent the world to us to manage on His behalf. We are accountable to God as managers of His earthly household, as He teaches us in Genesis 1 and 2. We should help curb pollution in our environment. We should use and waste less water in our households. Unnecessary trips in our cars should be avoided in order to limit carbon dioxide pollution. We should also be a good example for others in how to care for God’s creation. We should launch mini-projects to keep the world clean, clean up litter and keep our water sources clean. We can even plant a tree or two. We should really focus on taking better care of God’s creation than we have done up until now.

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