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Prayer leaves me out of control!

Some prayers are nothing but a to-do list addressed to God, along with a list of deadlines for when it must happen. We try to stay in control of our affairs through our prayers. This is a mistake! Prayer means trusting God with everything, and never using our conversations with Him to put pressure on Him to do certain things. Prayer means knowing we have a Father in heaven who knows all our needs, as Jesus teaches in Matthew 6. It means declaring that what we are and what we have comes from Him. He and He alone controls our lives. Pure prayer means being empty of ourselves. Our prayers may therefore never be covered attempts at regulating God’s calendar and activities. That’s why we should fall in step with Him all over again today. That’s why we should choose to bow before God without any requirements, requests or demands. Dependent and full of awe – that is how we should live from our Heavenly Father’s good hand from now on. His presence is more than enough! His presence is the biggest answer to our prayers.

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