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Switch it off, switch it off!

A coup is happening right under our noses. I’m talking about social media. It is taking over our lives. Everyone is a cellphone addict, not to mention social media platforms like Google, Facebook, games et cetera. We have endless knowledge and entertainment at our fingertips. Unfortunately we don’t always have the wisdom to distinguish between truth and lies. In addition, social media often sell the false promise that we are never alone. We can logon any time for a few ‘likes’ while we step onto our virtual soapboxes to talk, whine, confess or brag. And yet people are now lonelier than ever before. Beware the addictive grip of this technology. Social media is useful at the correct dosage. But the Lord doesn’t want us to be enslaved by it. He created us for real relationships with Himself and others. If we abandon Him and others in order to live online, our souls die. Let’s shut down the computer and go do something good for a real person in God’s name. Then we will win our real lives back.

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