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Forget about 'medical aid watches', follow God's fitness programme!

I don't know whether you own one of those 'medical aid watches' that people exercise with these days. (What is it called if not a 'medical aid watch'? They are, after all, the suppliers of the gadgets.) A few of my friends have such electronic watches that measure all kinds of things, like how many steps they take during the day and how often they visit the gym. Then they get certain rewards when they meet prescribed targets. Well, if your medical aid knows exactly which requirements you should meet to be healthy and fit, and if this can be measured electronically, then we as believers should know how to be fit followers of the Lord. Well, Paul knew. In 1 Corinthians 9:24–27 he writes that he isn't like an unfit boxer punching the air all the time. He exercises his faith discipline continuously so that each hit hits home. He prays often, reflects on God's Word, does good to others, and he loves God and his neighbours. Do the same. Stay spiritually fit.

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