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God uses you where you are

God calls us to make a difference there where we are. Take Karl Plagge (1897 – 1957). He was a German SS officer in the Second World War who saved the lives of 1 240 Jews. As an officer in Lithuania from 1940 to 1944, he made sure that Jewish workers in his unit were well fed, and he organised work permits that saved their lives while thousands of Jews around them were murdered in concentration camps. When Plagge had to vacate his station in 1944 when the Russians arrived, he warned the Jews to hide, because the SS soldiers would kill them. In this way, he saved another 250 lives. After the war the Jews testified of his brave actions. Plagge was later honoured for this. Today there are still people like Plagge who shine God's light in unfair systems. What is the use if everyone leaves politics, the police, the public service, or the country because of corruption? The Lord deploys his soldiers everywhere. We are called to be His light in the dark. Even a single child of His can save many lives and open eternity for the broken and lost. Be that person in Christ's name.

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