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Don't live on autopilot

When an aeroplane flies on 'autopilot', everything happens automatically. Some people live this way too. They live automatically and without thought. Their heads are frozen. It is horrible to live on autopilot. Why? Because it robs you of the biggest gift that God has given you, namely your brain. The Lord gave you a functioning mind with storage space equivalent to 10 million books of 1 000 pages each (according to one brain expert's calculations). God also blessed your mind with the ability to learn and experience new things each day. Your mind is pliable – if you choose to keep it that way! If you don't continuously intervene in your own mind and allow God to renew your thoughts, you rob yourself of the privilege of continuous growth in your understanding of God and life. Simply stumbling through yet another meeting, event, church service, workday without thought, is to miss all the beauty that God planned for you. Make a deliberate choice to live more consciously so that you will notice God's works of mercy. Walk with open eyes through each day's portion of life with God.

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