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Nuda veritas, the naked truth, is a Person

We sometimes talk of 'the naked truth'. Why? Have we become so used to covering some of our words in half-truths? Are we afraid of the 'honest truth'? Or is it another cliché? The term 'naked truth' or 'nuda veritas' originated in a Roman fable. Truth was swimming when Lie stole Truth's clothes. Truth then chose to walk around naked rather than wear the clothes that Lie left in the stolen clothes' place. Truth doesn't compromise, because truth and lie aren't neighbours. Never! Therefore, God hates lies. But at its core His truth isn't just something we talk about; His truth is a Person – Jesus Christ. Truth is relational: it is relationship-oriented. We live from Christ's truth, and therefore we speak it. We live in truth and integrity before God and between other people. Lies are the antithesis of God. Lies are dark and destructive. Stay away from it! Don't speak falsehoods. Stick to the truth ... and speak it too!

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