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Truthiness [trend]

From the earliest times we have been asking the question: What is truth? And, perhaps more to the point: What does truth entail? In an idealistic world truth is the core of everything. It is how we determine law and justice and how we can ensure a fair society. In an idyllic world, truth is objectively findable and understandable. We tell ourselves that if we have access to the right sources, we will know what the truth is and we will be able to believe and act accordingly. The world of today asks new questions about the nature and existence of truth. In this trend report we want to explore the newest trends around the concept of 'truth'. We will also look back at how truth was understood throughout history. We also want to look at a healthy, Biblical understanding of truth, which will hopefully lead us to a fresh and relevant philosophy of service for our congregations and ministries. Download this trend report for free here.

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