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Serving always costs more, but it's the right path

If you grasped the Gospel, you always deposit more into any relationship than what you withdraw. In other words, you always give more of yourself than you receive. Without this attitude of Jesus, people will continuously disappoint you. Then you will always measure relationships against the horrible question: 'What's in it for me?' Well, on Jesus' path there isn't such an option. The question is simply how much you invest in others regardless of their reactions. You 'reward' is never a favourable reaction from others, but the knowledge that you are walking on God's road where you are no longer the centre of attention. Or where everyone must serve you. If you no longer expect counter-rewards from others, you won't be disappointed as easily. And then people can surprise you. Then every beautiful thing that they do is a joy, and every sign of gratitude is an undeserved heavenly blessing. But you don't stop doing what is right when they are unthankful or rude, because you follow in the footsteps of Christ, who loves even His enemies. He is your only scoreboard, not other people.

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