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Toilet talk doesn't suit Jesus' people

I call it toilet talk – the crude, rude language that spews from some people's mouths. And I'm not talking about swear words. Degrading comments and insulting words seem to be in vogue. You'll find it on social media, next to sports fields, around the braai and even at work. Some people apparently enjoy being as crude as possible. Or starting every second sentence with a swear word. We, as followers of the Lord, are always called to higher standards than others. The Lord wants our language to act as building material, not weapons of mass destruction. While others decimate each other with words, our words should heal. While people hit out at each other with words, our healing language should bring restoration. (Proverbs 12:18) Our soft words can calm anger (Proverbs 15:1). Our gossip-free mouths let others feel safe around us. The Lord's grace, that flows from our hearts, constantly flows from our lips. We constantly speak God's grace into an unforgiving, harsh world.

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