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Do you have a good teacher in your life?

Your reaction to this heading may be: "What? I finished school years ago!" But wait – I didn't mean a school teacher. I'm talking about a life teacher. The correct term for such a person is a mentor or a life coach. Too many people walk into the trap of never being accountable towards someone else. They live two completely separate lives – one in the church and the other at work. In 2 Kings 12:1–3 I read that king Joash had such a spiritual teacher. It was the priest Jehoiada. For as long as Joash had one-on-one contact with this man of God, het did what God asked of him. As long as Joash was responsible towards a man of God for his words and deeds, he stayed on the Lord's path. Joash had someone to teach him God's will. Do you also have such a person in your life? Are you humble and teachable enough for such a path?

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