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Please sidestep this love affair

Facebook users spend 21% of their time maintaining their own profiles. Soraya Mehdizadeh of York University in Canada claims that using Facebook is equivalent to staring at yourself in a mirror. According to Mehdizadeh, some narcissists are drawn to Facebook because of this self-worshipping. In this arena, many excel in shallow relationships. If we have to create such artificial, polished images of ourselves on social media platforms in order to feel good about ourselves, we are in serious trouble. God made us who we are. Accepting and embracing ourselves with all our "factory defects" – including our bowlegs and weird body shapes – is the same as striking gold. Not even the most impressive profile on Facebook or LinkedIn, or the best CV, can compensate for the massive emptiness inside us until we discover God's life of fulness and freedom. Social media won't do this for us. Our hearts are empty until God fills it. Our hearts are hard until God softens us through His Spirit.

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