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Be warned: 'cool' is the new opium

'How do I help my minister to stop trying to be cool?' This question hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't think high school kids asked such questions. But it bothered this young man so much that he looked for help. He couldn't stand his 'cool' minister anymore. I suddenly realised that our public image matters way too much, also in church. Life seduces us to constantly chase after artificial images of popularity. We have to have the 'right' clothes, accessories and belongings to be 'in'. What rubbish! If we don't make peace with who we are before God and amongst our friends and family, we miss the point. Then we live artificial lives. Then we hide behind false masks. It will cost us dearly in the long run. Hypocrisy is an embarrassment for God and everyone who sees through it. To be real before God and between others, is to find true peace. We don't have to impress other people. God's opinion is the only one that matters. We always live and play for an Audience of One. And He loves us anyway.

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