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Jesus is water for the fire

When Jesus embarked on the long road to Jerusalem for Easter and his crucifixion, we read in Luke 9 how a Samaritan town refused to receive him. When John and James, two of Jesus' disciples, heard this they immediately wanted to pray for fire from heaven to sort out the Samaritans once and for all. Their nickname wasn't Boanerges – sons of thunder – for nothing. They wanted a heavenly fireworks show. They were furious with the Samaritans for rejecting Jesus, and they thought a heavenly punishing session would be a fitting solution to this insult. Or wait, it would solve the 'problem' permanently! But Jesus refused. He was very upset that his disciples would even consider such a thing. Jesus is the heavenly fire extinguisher. He brought heavenly water for the huge earthly fire, not more fire! This is why He was now on his way to his crucifixion. On the cross on Golgotha Jesus brought an end to the thunder of heavenly canons. He extinguished all the fire on earth so that we, as believers, could live blameless lives. And so that we wouldn't pray fire prayers over others like John and James did.

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