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I can't fill other people's cups

I can't fill other people's life cups. For too long I believed it was my job. I had to help them to sort out their lives and grow closer to God. Then I realised it is actually my calling to empty only my own life cup in God's service. I have been called to give myself, regardless of the results. I can only share with others what God had invested in me. In Jesus' words in John 7:38–39 I am called to let the Spirit's living water flow from me, not to chase results. If this emptying benefits others, is it only by grace. Results are not my department. Nor is it my job. God only asks of me to give myself with the few talents He has granted me. In this way, I live my life in honour of Him. My calling is to be empty enough so that He can continuously fill me, only to empty myself again. Then the streams of blessing can flow through me from Above.

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