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Faith is not delivered in data bundles

I have never heard anyone say: "I have too much faith." And I have never read in the Bible that faith is delivered in predetermined volumes. The 'very faithful' don't get 1 GB of faith while the 'less faithful' het 500 MB. Faith is not an item or commodity that we as individuals posses. Faith is a relationship with the living God. It is a steady trust in the Lord faithfulness. Faith is to take God seriously when He says He is rich in grace and He notices me in Christ. Faith is not something within myself. It is not a virtue or an achievement. Faith is empty; it is completely aimed at the Lord. Faith lets me look away and upwards. Faith lets me stand before God with beggar's hands because I know I am dependent on Him in every way. If God doesn't have mercy on me, there is no hope for me. If He doesn't pick me up and hear my prayers, everything is futile. Faith takes God seriously in this life, as well as the next. It expects everything from Him and Him alone.

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