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Register big on the heavenly Richter scale

I read somewhere in a study that, if you were to genetically invent yourself, the chances of you ending up as your present self would be one to 10 billion. You consist of billions of cells. More specifically, a study by Bianconni, Piovessan and others in 2013 estimated that there are 3.72 × 10*13 cells in your body. You can do the maths to calculate exactly how many billion cells that is. This tells an earth-shattering story about God's detailed attention to you. He is personally involved in your whole life. Every cell, every hair, every part of you is known to Him. You are not alone... nor are you a victim of your circumstances. You are a living, talking, walking miracle. You have really been made in the image of God, and therefore you are always within the scope of God's grace. Allow his Spirit to make you ever-more glorious, as Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 3:18. Let Him frame your life with joy and happiness. Let your God-given gifts and talents be a blessing to others. Then your one and only life will register big on the heavenly Richter scale.

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