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God loves animals, so should we!

Deuteronomy 22:6–7 gives us a surprising view of God's heart. Here the Israelites are told that they may not raid a bird's nest if the mother bird is sitting on her eggs. She must at least be given a chance to fly away. Verse 7 adds that those who obey this rule will be blessed. They will enjoy a long life. Can you believe it! God's comprehensive care of His creation stands in sharp focus here. The Lord cannot stand people who exploit and destroy His creation. He doesn't only care about the rhino, birds matter too. And dogs, and cats, and all other animals. Our faith should also include service to His creation. Right from the very first moment that God created humans, it was our calling to help care for His creation. Not even Adam and Eve's disastrous episode in Genesis 3 could change that! We dare not look away if even the smallest of animals are neglected. Or when water resources are polluted, and the Earth poisoned with carbon dioxide. Starting today, God expects us to protect His creation in every way that we can.

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