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God does not have a money-back guarantee

One elderly gentleman in a congregation where I served years ago, decided to cut all ties with the church. He claimed back all his monetary contributions. I was shocked! All I could think to say was that we didn't have a money-back guarantee! These days most places will give your money back if you're not satisfied with the product you bought. Some people think the same applies to faith. In an instant they abandon God because He did not help them when they needed Him. Meaning, they gave Him very precise instructions about what He should do, but He did not deliver the goods they ordered.

Consumers require excellent service, also in the religious sphere. God, on the other handle, doesn't allow human consumerism to control Him. He is not a fleeting add-on package as a reward for our choice to serve Him. He does not have a money-back guarantee because God is not a service provider with whom we enter into transactions. He does not compete for our loyalty. Actually, He does the exact opposite. We are the beneficiaries, the ones who should serve God unreservedly and out of thankfulness.

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